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All You need To Know Dutch Bros Straw Code in 2023

If you are a coffee drinker and go to dutch bros daily to fill your coffee requirement, you also heard about the dutch bros straw code. After hearing this you Thought what is this?

Firstly, let’s talk about dutch bros, and what is dutch bros code

Dutch bros is a coffee shop that is famous across the US.

Here peoples come to drink coffee regularly and like it very much.

Now talk about Dutch bros’ straw code.

There are many peoples who have different ideas about the dutch bros straw code.

There are some colors that signify the complement for you given by the barista.

What is the meaning of the dutch bros straw code

There is a rumor among the coffee fans that which color will you get, what does it mean?

Secretly, The straw color means what the barista thinks about you.

Which colors are given in form of code?

  1. Green straw
  2. Pink straw
  3. Blue straw
  4. Orange straw
  5. Yellow straw

What is the meaning of these colored straws or Dutch Bros Straw Code Meaning?

There is a meaning behind every color straw. Let’s see what the meaning behind the color and What are the difference among them –

Meaning of Straw Codes

Green straw

If you get a green straw with your order of coffee then it means that the person who made your drink of coffee, thinks you have an ugly and unsightly appearance.

Pink straw

If you get a pink straw with your blended order then it means the barista thinks that you are cute, pretty, and handsome looking.

There are also girls who get this straw which means they are good-looking and have beautiful hairs on their heads.

Blue straw

The blue straw means that you are rude.

If you get blue straw then this means the barista and other workers think that you are a rude behavior person and there are some difficulties while dealing with you.

Workers and the barista cannot say this directly to you. 

By the straw, they show their views on you.

Orange straw

If you get orange straw then it means you have a unique personality.

If an orange straw comes out from your coffee then this means the barista thinks that you are mysterious, and strange and have some unique qualities in you.

Yellow straw

The last color straw is yellow.

This means you look average. You have no unique or rude qualities.

How did The Dutch bros straw code begin

The publicity of dutch bros started after 1992.

Two brothers Dave and Travis Boersma opened a shop of coffee.

They started this to save their family dairy and they named it to the name of their grandparents who are dutch.

Currently, dutch bros have more than 500 stores across 12 states in the US.

They are now a branded coffee seller and now they have many varieties of hot and cold coffee.

They have a merchandise brand and there are now online Dutch bros available online for their coffee fans.

The straw code is an internet sensation that has been mentioned online and in places like The Veronica Show. However, its official origin is a mystery.

Is dutch bros straw code is real

There are many customers who said that The straw code is real.

And also there are many peoples who say it is fake.

Some people said that the dutch bro’s franchise is a very busy franchise and they can’t give compliments to everyone so they give a straw color with their order to satisfy them. So it is not real.

And also there are many peoples who say the straw code is real, they say they are feeling that the color straw given by the barista is real and it define their qualities.

FAQs About dutch bros straw code

Q: What are the straw colors?

ANS: There is some meaning to every color of straw. These colors are in form of code.

Q: How many straw colors are there?

ANS: There are four different colors.Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange green.

Q: In which country The dutch bro’s stores are situated?

ANS: The dutch bro’s stores are situated in the US.


Dutch bros, a famous coffee brand that has more than 500 stores across 12 states of US.

There are some color straw codes that have some meaning and mysterious qualities in them

The straws show your character qualities and also define what qualities you have and how your nature.

Some peoples say that these are real and they show the reality of a person’s qualities.

The people who accept the reality of these they say, have felt the reality that these straws show the reality of the straw code.

There are also peoples who said that it is a myth and there is no truth in the straw codes.

They said that this is a stunt to publish their coffee. It is not more than a publishing stunt.

The workers are so busy in the dutch bros coffee shops that they randomly put a straw color in the order of coffee.




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