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What is the 25th island of Greece and why it is so famous?

The social media platforms are full of names like “ 25th island of Greece”. I think you also noticed many discussions about the “25th island of Greece”.

There are 6000 islands in Greece but why is only the 25th Island of Greece becoming the most famous?

When you try to find the answer to “What is the 25th island of Greece” then the internet shows a location in Greece., which is part of a viral meme. When you search “25th island of Greece” on Google, you’ll get an island name, which social media users find humorous: Amorgos.

Amorgos is the 25th most populated island in the Greece. The 25th island of Greece meme was explained and “Amorgos ” origin was explained. 

Is it Meme?

The meme that has become popular is from the term “Amorgos .” Innersloth, an American game development studio, created the massively multiplayer online game Among Us, which is currently most popular among children.

amoung us meme of 25th island of greece

The sound of both works is the same one is the Amorgous other is among us. 

The meme urges people to discover the name of Greece’s 25th island. Social media always promote memes and from one platform to another, the meme goes viral continuously. This is because when peoples come to know what is “the 25th island of Greece” they start guessing the word.

“25th island of Greece” Meme and Why is it so Famous on Social Media

At this time, when everyone using social media when you are scrolling any social media platform you face a word or say it a meme that is the 25th island of Greece.

Then the question is, what is the “25th island of Greece”?

When you google the meme”25th island of Greece” then google shows you an island of Greece in the location. 

Then why it is going very famous nowadays?

Actually, it is going famous nowadays because people and social media users are liking this name amorous in place of among us.

The game developed by” Innersloth, an American game development studio, created the massively multiplayer online game Among Us, which is currently most popular among children.

25th island of Greece ”Amorgos”

Let’s talk about what is Amorgos. 

Amorgos is the 25th island of Greece, which is going famous nowadays.

It has a 127 square kilometers area. It is a small island where just 80 people are living.

The people of this island are engaged in fishing activities majorly.

The Amorgos island was discovered by Arrian in the 2nd century. 

This vast island’s proximity to the Aegean Sea makes it suitable for Mediterranean weather. Amorgos is a Cycladic island located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It was found in the second century BC by an Arrian.

Amorgos becomes an attraction of people in 1988s when a film was shooted on it.

The name of this movie is “The big blue”.

This movie becomes France’s most commercialized movie at that time.

It is the time when the world knew what is “Amorgos ”.

Tourism is increasing on this island because there is no populated area.

Here is the land about 127 square kilometers and The Aegean sea.

Here tourists can visit the sea by boat.

Here are three main tourist places situated- Chora, Aegiali, and Katapola.

The words “Amorgos” and “among us” are similar

Amorgos is famous because “among us” is a game which is developed by “Innersloth, which was an American game development studio. 

It is becoming the most popular game among children.

About Among us the game

It is the game which is developed by an American game development studio, “Innersloth”

It is released in 2018 when Those who are in lockdown or in quarantine they are looking for a game that can spend their whole day.

In this game, a group of spacemen moves around a rocket ship doing menial tasks. 

There is an imposter among the crew who set a pit to sabotage the safety of the ship and kills the members on board.

When a player dies the whole group discusses whom to vote them.

The imposter tries to deceive them and the security of the member, and those members are getting out of the game who are voted him.

It continues until the imposter kills.

It is famous and popular among children and players because it is a tasking and adventures  game where the level of interest is so high.

FAQs: about “25th island of Greece”

Q: What is the “ 25th island of Greece”?

ANS: it is the island in grees. It is the 25th largest island in Greece.

Q: What is the population of this island?

ANS: on this island, there are only 80 people living on it.

Q: what is the meme”25th island of Greece”?

ANS: it is a famous meme because the name of this island is similar to The game “Among us”. People like the same name and make jokes about it.

Q: What are the tourist places on this island?

ANS: there are three famous tourist places on this island. Chora. Aegina and Katapola.

Q: When was the game “Among us” developed?

ANS: the game” Among us” is developed in 2018. It is liked by people who are quarantined or on lockdown.


Today we discussed the “25th island of Greece”.

The 25th island of Greece is Amorgos which have a population of 80 peoples on its 127 square kilometers area.

Here is a meme connected with the name Amorgos, the name of the game is “Among us”

These words are similar to each other so social media users start liking the name Amorgos  “25th island of Greece”.

We knew that there are 6000 islands in Greece but why only this 25th one is most famous and everyone discussing the “25th island of Greece”

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