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How to Effectively Use Bulk Text Messaging for Your Marketing

Text messaging provides a concise, direct way to communicate with others. A text message can do more than relay personal information to family and friends. The message could help a business owner or another entrepreneur target potential customers. Bulk text messaging could become a helpful element of a marketing campaign, but those sending such messages may need a careful approach.

A Targeted Approach

Sending a random bulk text to a massive audience of would-be customers might result in most recipients ignoring the message. Generic content may have less value than targeted material which may relay specific, engaging messages to customers who want to read them. For example, crafting a list of people who want to learn more about special offers means the message goes to people who wish to receive texts telling them about deals and discounts. 

Sending a message that explicitly mentions a seasonal sale could have a further impact. People have gift buying on their minds during the holidays, so they might be more receptive to messages telling them a new sale is coming up on a specific date.

Segmenting the Target Market

When collecting a list of SMS numbers, the list will likely contain people with different needs, budgets, and more. When targeting the appropriate customers with a particular message, segmenting the collected numbers into customers who fit specific profiles may help. 

For example, creating a list of repeat customers may be valuable when hoping to engage people more likely to buy. The SMS’s text might contain a special message that appeals to people who purchased before, such as pointing out a new version of something they bought in the past is coming soon. 

Such messages could highlight things certain customers likely appreciate, including free delivery. These targeted messages tailored to specific buyers might send a powerful reminder about where to buy products or services.

A Concise Message

Sending a long-winded text message might result in the recipient not reading all the content. People often find themselves pressed for time, and they may have numerous text messages or emails to read throughout the day and a limited window of opportunity to do so. A classic short and to-the-point message could work in the sender’s favor.

The message should contain pertinent information and no filler. Stating, “This is [BUSINESS NAME] with a special offer on [PRODUCT OR SERVICE] for our long-time customers,” provides a detailed short lead-in that gives the recipient essential info. Providing a hyperlink inside the text message may assist those who want to learn more.

Personalize the Message

Writing a personalized message to a large group of people might not be as difficult as some assume. Although a single message might go to hundreds of people, these recipients could share many similarities. For example, personalizing the message may involve more than addressing fans of a particular name brand. 

Knowing the likes and preferences of a specific customer base or demographic might help with crafting a personalized message. Knowing who you are sending the message to assists with wording the message appropriately. Using compelling and inviting language may help even more. Overly stiff and pushy content might undermine any attempts at sincere personalization. 

For example, generic content could hurt a marketing campaign since non-personalized information may not stimulate interest or make a customer feel important or appreciated.

Time the Delivery

Anyone attempting to send SMS marketing messages must understand some times of the day are better than others. Saturday afternoons could be a poor time to send messages because people run errands or engage in hobbies. Sunday might be a good day because people might not be busy. 

Monday mornings could be the wrong time since the first day back in the office may involve catching up with work and other attention-grabbing responsibilities. For example, sending messages during lunchtime during the work week might be safe since people are on a break and might not be dealing with work-related tasks.

Sending bulk messages remains a reliable marketing strategy for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Specific methods of SMS marketing could be more effective than others, and the sender should take steps to maximize the strategy’s effectiveness. 

Short, targeted, and personalized messages could assist with any goals for effectiveness and generating sales.

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