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Best Third Party App Store For iOS and Alternative of Apple Store

Whether you have just purchased a new iPhone or any type of iOs device or have been using one for years, there will be many times when you need some application which are very useful or any modded app or any emulator and not available on official apple store. Sometime you need many application which are paid. If this type of problem you are facing again and again then this article is the best thing for you to deal this problem.

In this article, We will discuss about what is an iOs third party app store is and What are the best third party app store for your iOs devices or iPhone. Here, we shortlist some app store. You will also find the best iOs app store alternative in this post.

A third party app store is a place where you can download apps that are not available on the Apple App Store. These third party app stores ios also provide many paid application, free of cost. You may also find some mod application. You will no need to jailbreak after installing these app store.

Appland iOs

Appland is an alternative iOS app store. Appland is the most popular ios third party app store for tweaked app. It has over 300 apps and over 15K daily active users. It also conducts manual testing on all apps. It offers a huge archive of secret features.


You can also install apps on your iOS device without jailbreaking. You can also download paid and free applications. You can also access hacked apps and games. It has over 20-30 new apps every month.

This app store does not have an official store and offers a secure platform to download games and apps. The store is also very easy to navigate and offers a simple user interface. You can also communicate with the developers on the site using social media.

Features of Appland iOs

  • Easy to use.
  • No need to jailbreak.
  • Select applications by region wise.

Among the many alternatives to the official iOS App Store, iOs third party App store is a popular choice for those interested in installing their favorite apps without the hassles of jailbreaking. It’s easy to install and provides an interesting array of apps and games.

Build io

This app’s most notable feature is its app search engine. Users can browse through a variety of categories and filter out fake reviews to find the best apps for their needs. They can also be alerted when an app’s price is reduced.

The site also offers a number of games and apps not available in the main App Store. These are available for download without jailbreak, although some may have features only available to the paid members of the site.

Features of

  • Best customer support.
  • “Request an App” feature.
  • Account restoration facility.


TUTUApp is a trusted ios third party app store. It contains thousands of games and applications that aren’t available on the official Apple store. In addition, it offers the most comprehensive collection of paid apps for iOS. It’s also known for its excellent user interface.


TutuApp is tested regularly for speed, security, and stability. It’s easy to download and install, and it’s compatible with all iOS devices.

One more benefit of TutuApp that it also offers access to the latest news and updates. This is a great way to find new apps and keep up with your favorite games.

Features of TutuApp 

  • Paid App availability.
  • Fast downloading speed.
  •  Jailbreak not required.


Using AppValley iOs App store you can easily download thousands of free apps and games for your iPhone or iPad. AppValley iOs is one of the best and popular third-party app stores for iOS devices. It is completely safe and secure, and has a user-friendly interface. It is compatible with the latest iOS versions.


AppValley is one of the best alternatives for Cydia and TweakBox. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to install and download apps. Its security is very high, and the apps it offers are completely safe to use.

It does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, you can also download mods and tweaks for your device. You can use AppValley as an alternative to the App Store, without worrying about Apple’s rules.

Features of AppValley

  • Easy UI and UX.
  • Best and easy navigation
  • Apple ID not required.


Whether you want to install a new application on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can do so with the AltStore app. This is a third-party app store that’s designed to be as close to the App Store as possible.


AltStore features include sideloading apps and refreshing apps. Its certificate is legitimate and not subject to revocation by Apple. However, it does require some trust and a password.

Features of AltStore

  • Offers open code.
  • Premium apps available at free of cost.
  • App categories available.

EonHub iOs

Whenever you want to download apps for your iOS device, you should consider using EonHub. It is a third party app store that allows you to install tweaked games and apps.


EonHub is a safe and easy to use application. It gives you access to thousands of apps for free. It is also very easy to install and uninstall. Unlike other app stores, EonHub does not require you to sign up or jailbreak your iOS device.

EonHub allows you to browse through thousands of apps and games. You can also install torrent clients, emulators and more. You can also search for specific apps or categories. You can also add EonHub to your device’s home screen. It is free to use and can be downloaded from the links below. It also offers you a database of pre-signed popular apps.

Features of EonHub iOs

  • Regular updates.
  • No need to break security for jailbreak.
  • Download paid App and games

CokerNutX iOs

CokerNutX offers more than 5,000 apps for download. These apps are free to use, and most of them have more functionality than stock apps. The library also contains games. Unlike most other app stores, CokerNutX does not require jailbreaking. It is also compatible with all iOS versions.


The CokerNutX Appstore has a search feature that helps users find what they are looking for. The app store also offers a GET button. The GET button opens the app page, which displays a list of popular apps. After clicking GET, users can download the app.

CokerNutX is an open source application installer. It provides step-by-step instructions for installing apps.

Features of CokerNutX 

  • Having Search Bar Section.
  • No Paid Subscription
  • Quality Apps

GetJar iOs

GetJar IOs is the best option for iPhone users who are looking best ios app store alternative. for Despite Apple’s claims, GetJar is actually the second-largest application store for mobile phones in the world. It offers apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. It also hosts apps for popular mobile games, email, chat apps, and music. It has more than 45,000 applications available to customers, according to its executives.


GetJar has been working with iOS developers to offer free apps. It started out as a developer’s beta testing site, but later shifted its focus to a marketplace.

GetJar also provides users with a way to download apps for location-based services. It offers free statistics on the global use of apps.

Features of GetJar

  • Fast downloading feature.
  • Easy UI and UX.
  • Tweak and Emulators are available.


Cydia is the most popular of the third-party app stores for iOS. It is easy to use and offers a huge selection of apps. It allows you to download software on your jailbroken device.


Using the Cydia iOs App store is one of the most popular ways to customize your Apple interface. Most apps available in the store are free, and a few require a purchase.

While the Cydia iOs app store is a great way to customize your Apple device, there are some things to keep in mind. Some software packages require you to purchase them, and some apps can be harmful to your device. You should also look for apps that have many reviews.

The Cydia iOs app stores main purpose is to provide an alternative to the Apple App Store. However, it does not do all of that.

Features of Cydia

  • Compatible all iOs devices.
  • User friendly app design.
  • Best for beginners.


Xabi is a third-party app store for iOS devices. It is an alternative to Apple’s App Store, and it offers thousands of apps that aren’t available on the Apple App Store. It also has a variety of free and premium features. Xabi is very easy to use and it has an intuitive user interface. It is also compatible with most jailbroken devices.


Xabi is an iOS app store that is free to use. It allows you to install hacked apps and jailbreak tweaks. It also has a user-friendly interface, and it is updated regularly. It is a great option for people who have older devices, and want to download apps that aren’t available in the App Store. It supports all iOS versions, and it is one of the best alternatives to the Apple App Store.

Features of Xabi

  • Offers premium features
  • Available in 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Apps available by category also


If you are looking for a free app store, TweakBox is the best option. It is very secure and offers tons of features. You can even download free games and stream videos. TweakBox is also a very reliable app store. You can find apps that are free of malware.


Unlike the App Store, TweakBox is a third party app store iOS that isn’t locked to your Apple ID. You can download tons of great apps and games for free. There are even some paid tweaks available for those who need extra features.

TweakBox has a nice and easy user interface that makes it easy to download and use. It also supports many mobile platforms and is compatible with iPhone 11, as well as other iOS devices.

Aside from the free apps, TweakBox also offers tweaked versions of some popular games like Minecraft, Snapchat, and more. The apps are also categorized into categories like Tweaked Apps, Hacked Games, and Modified Games. You can also browse through the app store using the search bar.

Features of Tweakbox

  • Free Modified Games and Tweaked Apps.
  • Easy to download and use
  • Thousand of great apps and games for free

iOS Heaven

Basically, iOS Haven is an iOS app store that offers a variety of apps. This includes hacked apps, widgets, games, and mod apps. Its collection exceeds two thousand applications.

iOS Heaven

Using iOSHaven is very simple. You can either use the app directly on your iPhone, or you can use it in a browser. You can also use the app to install the latest versions of apps on your iOS device.

You can also search for a specific application. You can also uninstall the app like as another apps. Using iOSHaven, you can install the Light Mode, or Dark Mode. You can also add an iOSHaven widget to your home screen. This widget displays the working status of your applications. You can also use the application to search for apps and widgets.

Features of iOS Heaven

  • Category Section
  • Constant Updates
  • Offers thousand of premium apps and games.


Thousands of free games are available for download in TutuBox. This app store is an alternative to the official iOS App Store and is completely free to download. It is the number one third party app store worldwide and supports all iOS devices. It is updated frequently to ensure safety and security.


There are two versions of TutuBox, including a moderate version and a VIP version. The moderate version is free and gives you access to a few features. The VIP version is not free but is also free and offers you access to paid apps in the Apple store.

The TutuBox store is constantly updated and is protected with SSL encryption. TutuApp tests the speed and stability of the store regularly, so you can be sure that you’ll be downloading apps from a safe and secure store.

Features of TutuBox

  • TutuBox Regularly updates its app library.
  • Encryption availability
  •  No need to login with Apple ID.


Whether you’re looking to download a game, tweak, or even jailbreak your iOS device, Topstore is a good place to start. The app is free to download and has several useful features. In fact, it’s a good alternative to other third-party App Stores.


When you use TopStore, you’ll be able to download a variety of apps, including the newest games, hacked games, and apps that aren’t available in the official Apple App Store.

When you want to get the most out of TopStore, you can search for the best apps, or browse through the different categories to find the app that you’re looking for. You’ll find free games, free jailbreak tools, and even free emulators. You can also request the apps you want to see in TopStore’s inventory.

The app has several different sections, each with its own unique features. The home page has a help section and different applications. The best part is that you can search for the apps you want, and even download them. The app also has a contact form, social channels, and utility tools. It works on most devices, including iOS 11-12 and higher.

Features of Topstore

  • Free to download
  • Search bar
  • Free emulators and Tweaks

Panda Helper

Thousands of people love the Panda Helper app. It offers users the chance to download hacked games, mods and more. It also has a search bar, user profile manager, and a clean junk feature. This app is free to download and use.

Panda Helper

It is easy to install and has a lot of features. It is an app store for iOS devices. It offers a lot of apps and is updated regularly. It also features a clean junk feature and a built-in download manager. It is compatible with iOS 10 and later versions. It also includes a VIP version that allows users to download more apps.

There is also a Clone App feature. This means that users can have multiple copies of the same app running parallel. This feature is useful when you are trying to play an auto clicker or want to use a speeder. It also lets you install games that are not available in the App Store.

It is a free app and requires no jailbreaking. It also has a built-in download manager that helps users track their downloads. It also has a user profile manager that allows users to change their profile photo and add a signature.

Features of Panda Helper

  • Free modded and hacked app
  • Compatible with iOS 10 and higher versions
  • Clone App feature


With LinkStore, you can download cracked versions of games and other apps from The App Store for free. It can be installed on an iPod Touch or an iPhone, and it’s even compatible with iOS 8. You can even install it directly from the App Store, if you’re an iOS 8 user.


LinkStore iOS 8 comes with several limitations, though. First, it’s not compatible with iOS 11 Jailbreak. It also takes longer to download apps, so you’ll need to be patient. However, LinkStore iOS 8 also includes an automatic update feature, which means that it’s always up to date. It’s also safer to use than other alternatives, such as Installous. It also offers more functionalities.

LinkStore iOS 8 also has a built-in search feature, which allows you to search for the games and apps you’re looking for. You can also search for apps that have a cracked version, if you’re not looking for a paid version.

Features of LinkStore

  • Available Cracked versions
  • Offers more functionalities
  • Automatic update feature


Whether you’re looking for hacked games or apps, the iOSGods app store has everything you need. It is a free, third-party app store that offers hacked and tweaked games. It works on all iOS devices, including iPads.


The iOSGods store provides users with access to thousands of IPA files. The store is designed to be easy to use, with a simple, yet intuitive interface. You can install apps with just a few clicks. The interface is designed to mimic the Apple App Store. It also uses SSL encryption as a security measure.

iOSGods is safe to use, as it is regularly scanned for viruses. It also provides alternative download links for official apps. Unlike other apps, however, you don’t have to jailbreak to use it. You can also install apps from the Android ecosystem.

Features of iOSGods

  • Modified App and Games.
  • Easy Availability.
  • No extra tool required.


Using the FlekStore app, you can install hundreds of apps and games on your iOS device. FlekStore is a third-party app store that allows you to download free and paid apps.


FlekStore is one of the best apps to download for your iOS device. You can use it to install a variety of different apps, including games, emulators, and screen recorders. It also provides tools and jailbreak utilities.

The FlekStore app is available for iOS and is easy to install. The apps that you download through the FlekStore app are not ad-supported, and they’re not malicious.

Features of FlekStore

  • Security updates.
  • Two Stores Modes.
  • Jailbreak not required.


TweakDoor is one of the best third party app store iOS you can find today. It offers a wide variety of free unofficial content, including apps, games, emulators, and more. The developers keep TweakDoor updated regularly to prevent any bugs and ensure security.


Using TweakDoor is easy and safe to use and does not contain malware or spyware. TweakDoor is free to download, and does not require jailbreak.

Unlike Cydia, TweakDoor does not require you to root your iOS device. It’s also easy to install TweakDoor. The installation process is similar to installing other apps.

Features of TweakDoor

  • Apple ID not required.
  • Free Premium Apps and Games
  • Access of Emulator and Tweaks


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